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Coyotes Youth Hockey Hub Network

2019 Spring Skills **GOALIE SESSIONS UPDATED**

By Knights, 03/29/19, 8:30PM MST



  • ALL Players to skate in their associated birth year session
  • Punch cards will be available for purchase in advance in the next week or at the door
  • Cash/Check/Credit Cards accepted at the door
  • Punchcards $180 for 6 discounted sessions
  • Drop In Rate $35 per session (Mites - Bantam)
  • Drop in Rate $25 per session (Midgets) - FIRST 2 Goalies to Check In are FREE
  • Check Club calendar for session times by age group

Mites Birthyears 2011+ Intro to Mite Club Hockey: Skill session will be in a station format

  • Skating | Stickhandling | Shooting
  • Side ice | Half ice | Concepts | Positions | Strategies
  • 3 x 3 | 4 x 4 controlled scrimmages

Squirt Birthyears 2009-2010 

  • Introduction to full ice skating for the first-year squirts
  • Full ice exercises will prepare for the upcoming tryout and season for incoming first year squirt age group
  • Maximum speed and tempo including 2 x 2 and 3 x 3 battle exercises from the corner to the neutral zone to the offense and defense of zones
  • Controlled scrimmages

Peewee Birthyears 2008-2007

  • Full ice maximum performance
  • Skating
  • Puck handling
  • Shooting
  • Introduction to body checking (controlling body position with full ice exercises intertwining game concepts with an odd man advantage at a very high tempo)
  • Concentrating on the three ZONEs of the ice.  Defensive Zone, Neutral Zone and Offensive Zone
  • Controlled scrimmages

Bantam Birthyears 2006-2005 Jim Pinti Bantam AA Head Coach will be the primary coach for this division:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of body checking includes position with stick on stick | stick on puck | body contact in all three zones of the ice
  • Full ice maximum performance dynamic exercises
  • Will prepare for tryouts and upcoming season
  • All exercises will be full contact focusing on body contact with heads-up hockey and safety.  Will combine 1 x 1 | 2 x 2 | 3 x 2
  • Neutral zone discussion and neutral zone exercises for forwards and defenseman

All sessions will begin with 15 minutes of power skating from AHU Power Skating Director, Holly Harrington.  Goalie Instruction (at ** highlighted sessions now on the calendar) will be provided by Trevor Wilson, Scott Lundahl and Alex Taylor.  Stickhandling and shooting by Kurt Goar, AHU Coach-In-Chief.  Other coaches participating include:  Michael Caravella, Davis Dryden, Cody Gylling, and Adam Hetherington assisting.

Midget Birthyears 2004+ Jason Evahnenko the U18AA Silver Coach will be the primary coach for these sessions:

  • Sessions will be 3 x 3 | 4 x 4 | 5 x 5 depending on the number of players in attendance
  • The FIRST 2 GOALIES that sign into the sessions are FREE
  • Reduced Session Pricing $25 per skate paid at the door
  • Additional skates will be added based on attendance