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2021 AHU Picture DAY!

By Knights, 10/06/21, 11:30AM MST


West Side Schedule Added!!

Its that time to polish up your smile and bring it to the rink for AHU Picture Day!  East Valley teams have been scheduled as follows:

October 19  - scheduled session time 5:45pm

SQUIRT WHITE  (6:30pm practice)
SQUIRT SILVER (6:30pm practice

October 19  -  scheduled  session time 6:15pm

PEEWEE WHITE (7:00pm practice)
PEEWEE SILVER (7:00pm practice)

October 19  - scheduled session time 7:15pm

BANTAM WHITE (7:50pm practice)
BANTAM BLACK (7:50pm practice)

October 19  - scheduled  session time 7:40pm

16AA (8:20pm practice)

October 20  - scheduled session time 5:20pm

MITE WHITE  (6:20pm practice)
MITE SILVER (6:20pm practice)
SQUIRT BLACK  (6:20pm practice)

October 20 - scheduled session time 7:10pm

14AA SILVER (7:40pm practice)

October 20 - scheduled session time 7:30pm

18AA (8:00pm practice)

West Side Schedule:

11/9 Arrival Pictures Start Ice Time
12U 5:30 pm 6:00 pm 6:45 pm
14U 4:15 pm 4:45 pm 5:30 pm
16U 6:45 pm 7:15 pm 8:00 pm

A few reminders for Parents:

  • Players MUST arrive ON TIME per the schedule and be COMPLETELY dressed in their gear. 
  • Please make sure players AHU game gear is clean.
  • Please remind players to stay with the team at time of photo shoot until all your teams individual photos have been taken.

We will have an AHU member present during these sessions to ensure a smooth process, BUT we still require the Team Managers to assist with your teams.

 Any questions, concerns or conflicts , please email or contact Monique Morris directly at 480.221.1610 | |