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Concussion Testing

By Knights, 08/11/17, 10:45AM MST


The issue of concussions is continuing to be a hot topic in the sports world and implementing a baseline program for our athletes is an excellent step to ensuring that all of them are able to return to play safely should they be injured.

AHU athletes will be undergoing a series of three tests on their team-specific day: the ImPACT® test, Bertec balance testing, and a vision test for saccadic eye movement. These tests evaluate the systems most commonly affected by concussion and give clinicians an idea of how the brain functions when healthy, in order to better determine when an athlete is back to normal following injury.

Testing is not required but it is HIGHLY recommended by the club and our coaches

To Register your player for the testing please go to -

Don't forget to sign up for your spot on DIBS  (sign ups are team specific)-


You need to sign up for your testing time on DIBS. Testing space is limited and all players must sign up and pay in advance to reserve their spot.

Address for testing at Banner Gateway Medical Center - 1900 N Higley Rd, Gilbert, AZ  85234 (Canyon Conference Center).

9/6 - Wednesday @ Gila River Arena
4:30-5:30 - Squirt Purple
10 minute appointments, 3 spots per/ appt.  No Impact to follow

5:30-7:15 or 6:30-8:15
Bantam Purple, Peewee Purple, Peewee Gray
Start with Balance & Vision test and report to ImPACT  Test once group finishes

9/13 - Wednesday @ Banner Gateway 
4:30-6:00pm - Squirt Black and Squirt White
10 minute appts, 3 spots per/ appt.  Vision & Balance Only

5:30-7:15pm - Peewee White (Balance, Vision & Impact)
ImPACT  Test and as they complete will report to balance and vision test

9/14 - Thursday @ Banner Gateway
4:30-6:15 or 5:30-7:15 or 6:30-8:15
18U Black, 16U Black, Bantam Black and Peewee Black
Start with Balance & Vision test and report to ImPACT  Test once group finishes