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Coyotes Youth Hockey Hub Network

CPR & AED Training Certification Class

By Knights, 08/20/18, 9:00AM MST


Cardiac arrests happen frequently, with most of them occurring in the home, according to the American Heart Association. If bystanders don’t have adequate training for responding to this medical emergency, death could happen quickly. If a bystander acts quickly and provides CPR, the victim’s chance for survival doubles or even triples. Learning CPR can enable you to act quickly in the event of a cardiac arrest. The life you save may even be that of a loved one or family member.

CPR and AED training consist of two different life-saving methods. CPR involves chest compressions and rescue breathing to sustain a victim until help arrives. An AED is an automated external defibrillator: This device sends an electric shock to a victim to restore a heartbeat. If a victim’s heart stops beating, seconds are precious. Optimally, CPR or AED use should begin within three to five minutes of the person’s collapse. Emergency personnel won’t make it to the victim within this time, which is why trained bystanders are so important for saving lives.

We will be hosting a training and certification class for CPR and AED for our team staff.  We believe this is an important and necessary precaution in youth sports.  We are committed to the safety and health of all our players and their families.