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Power Skating

AHU Power Skating Director - Holly Harrington



Holly Harrington is committed to offering hockey players in the state of Arizona the very best developmental skating program. As part of this program, you will be exposed to a number of styles and techniques all designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools to become the best player you can be. Some of what you will be learning will be familiar to you; some of what you will be learning will be completely new. Holly will provide you with the knowledge and training that will enhance and improve the way you play hockey.

What is Power Skating? Power Skating involves the study of edges, balance and movement based on the laws of physics. It further incorporates muscular strength, coordination and agility. Power Skating refers to the coaching of proper skating technique.
 Power Skating is often confused with “conditioning”. While on-ice conditioning is an important part of your hockey program, the benefits of training while skating correctly are far more valuable. By learning, practicing and training proper technique, you will begin to skate with an efficient effortlessness where the laws of physics will work for you, not against you! The idea, is to sharpen these skills to the point of perfection, where skating correctly becomes a habit. Once you achieve this level of expertise, the rewards become numerous. You will notice speed, power and quickness as well as the hidden benefits of confidence, endurance and versatility. These are the characteristics that make you a valuable member of your team and an intimidating nightmare for your opponents.
 Achieving such a high level of perfection is not always easy. It will require a high level of commitment and desire to improve. You will need the willingness, concentration and focus to learn as well as constant practice. If you are patient and work in this way you will notice a difference in only a few months. If you depend on your coaches or teammates for constant reminders and instructions, your basic skating skills will remain unchanged. Self-discipline and hard work is the trademark of all successful athletes!
Holly Harrington

Holly Harrington

Phone: 602-487-3295

 Amateur Accomplishments:
Gold in Freestyle
Southwest Regionals Competitor
Pacific Coast Nationals Competitor
Invitationals & Collegiates
Alternate to 1992 Nationals

Professional Experience:
Walt Disney's World on Ice 1995-1997
Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus 1995-1997
(Pacific Rim and Europe)
Hermanos Fuetos Gascal 1997-1998
(South America)

Years Coaching: 1998 – Present
Holly has over 23 years skating experience, ten years of which were competitive, and 13 years professional.  From 1998 to 2007 she was personal coach to beginner and competitive skaters as well as the Head Power Skating Instructor at DYHA (Desert Youth Hockey Association).  From 2000 to 2007 Holly held the Director of Player Development at Oceanside Ice Arena.  Holly partnered with the Arizona Hockey Clubs in 2007 as she led Power Skating Sessions at both Polar Ice Gilbert and Polar Ice Chandler.  Holly has the knowledge and experience to not only make you a better skater, but to make you a better all-around player. This is exemplified through the figure skaters and hockey players who have advanced to the highest level nationally.