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Power Skating

Josh Dahl

AHU Powerskating Director

Josh Dahl, Powerskating Director

Coach Dahl's passion for hockey blossomed in the '80s and '90s when he played with the Jr. Roadrunners and Jr. Coyotes in the valley with the Desert Youth Hockey Association. Having trained under Diane Cook Power Skating and studied Luara Stamm's techniques, he mastered edge control, balance, coordination, stride length, and explosiveness, propelling him to the Tier II Junior Hockey level directly from Arizona's "AA" hockey. Following his youth/junior hockey journey, Coach Dahl served as a combat medic and paratrooper in the U.S. Army for 20 years. In 2020, after retiring from service, he joined the Arizona Hockey Union and is currently the second-year Head Coach of the 18U AA Silver Knights. 

Philosophy for Power Skating 

Coach Dahl's philosophy for power skating centers around developing well-rounded, confident, and technically proficient skaters. His extensive training with Diane Cook Power Skating and dedication to studying Luara Stamm's methods have instilled in him a deep understanding of the fundamental aspects of skating. He believes that mastering edge control, balance, coordination, stride length, and explosiveness are essential for every hockey player's success on the ice. 

As the Power Skating Director, Coach Dahl is committed to creating a positive and inclusive learning environment where players of all ages and skill levels can thrive. He understands that each skater is unique, and his coaching approach emphasizes personalized feedback and tailored exercises to help players maximize their potential. By focusing on proper technique and pushing players to exceed their limits, Coach Dahl aims to instill a strong foundation of skating skills that will empower them throughout their hockey journey. 

Vision for the Power Skating Program 

Coach Dahl's vision for the power skating program is to elevate the skating abilities of every player in the club, fostering a new generation of exceptional skaters. With his own experience as a Tier II Junior Hockey player, as well as his time in the U.S. Army as a combat medic and paratrooper, he understands the importance of discipline, hard work, and perseverance. These values will form the backbone of the power skating program. 

In pursuit of this vision, Coach Dahl plans to implement a progressive and structured curriculum that covers all aspects of skating, from the basics to advanced techniques. He envisions a program that not only enhances players' on-ice performance but also boosts their confidence and passion for the game. Additionally, he aims to collaborate closely with coaches from other disciplines within the hockey club to ensure seamless integration of skating skills into overall player development. 

Through consistent practice, constructive feedback, and a focus on continuous improvement, Coach Dahl envisions a future where players from the local hockey club are recognized for their superior skating abilities and become formidable competitors on any ice rink they step onto. His ultimate goal is to inspire a lifelong love for skating and hockey while equipping players with the skills necessary to excel at every level of the game.