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Recent 18AA Silver News

2023 Spring Development & Skills Program

By Knights 02/28/2023, 5:40pm MST

We are proud to announce our Spring Skills Programming!  

APRIL 4, 2023 – JUNE 25, 2023

  • ALL Players to skate in their associated birth year session
  • Cash/Check/Credit Cards accepted at the door
  • Punchcards $180 for 5 sessions  - can be purchased below - AND CAN BE USED FOR OTHER SIBLINGS!
  • Drop-In Rate $40 per session 
  • Check Club calendar for session times by age group
  • Players are to bring a white and black jersey to all skates
  • All TUESDAY sessions will begin with 30 minutes of power skating and edge control from AHU Power Skating Coach Holly Harrington
  • Skills by Kurt Goar, AHU Coach-In-Chief and AHU Skills Coach Donovan Mattfeldt
  • All Sessions will have Goalie Instruction
  • Weekday skates will focus on both Individual and Team skills
  • Weekend skates will carry a Full Ice and Competition theme
  • Assistant Skills Coaches participating not limited to:  Alex Shupe,  Ashton Amaya, Malachi Bushy,  Reid Miller, Luke Yubeta, Josh Dahl, and Brett Kramer.
  • Tuesday | Sunday 8U - 18U
  • Thursday Goalie ONLY ALL AGES


Goaltenders welcomed to all sessions, and Trevor Wilson will have goalie instruction on Tuesday and Sunday’s.

Any negative language, distraction, attitude, or behavior, players will be asked to leave the ice and sit on the bench.

Tuesday Skill Sessions U8-Midget: 

Hockey skill development with the first 30 minutes of each session dedicated to power skating instructed by Holly Harrington and the final 40 minutes station-based skill drills. Skills include stickhandling, skating, shooting, passing, hockey sense, and body contact.

Sunday Skill Sessions U8-Midget:

These sessions will be putting the skills into motion. Mainly small area games, full ice skill development, and competition-based drills.

U8 2015+ Birth Years:

  1. Looking to be fun, engaging, and active sessions.
  2. Focus is on basic skill development and to build early foundation of hockey sense and awareness.
  3. Station-based skills, small area games, half ice, etc.

U10 2013-2014 Birth Years:

  1. Introduction to full-ice skating, exercises, and position focused training.
  2. Continued development of basic skills and hockey sense and beginning of skill combination; skating and passing, passing, and shooting, puck control and shooting, etc.
  3. Small area games, full ice competition, and full ice skill development. 

U12 2011-2012 Birth Years:

  1. Full ice skill development incorporating multiple skill sets; skating/passing/shooting. Building hockey awareness into drills to enhance skill sets and introduce deception.
  2. Beginning to incorporate systems to help players identify their role and their responsibilities as an offensive or defensive player. Regroups, breakouts, offensive and defensive zone position drills.
  3. Introduction to body angling and body contact skills.
  4. Small area games, cross-ice, and full-ice competition

U14 2009-2010 Birth Years:

  1. Crash course on body checking, angling, and stick positioning. When to engage in physical contact and when not to.
  2. Increase offensive and defensive skill sets through high-intensity, full-ice drills that include multiple exercises and skills.
  3. Small area games, full-ice competition, and high intensity skill drills.

Midget U16/18 2007-2008/2005-2006 Birth Years:

  1. High-intensity skill and competition-based drills and games.
  2. Hockey character development and preparation for the next level in hockey; juniors, college, minors etc.

5-Session punch cards are $180 | Drop in is $40 per session.

2022-2023 Mid-Season Evaluations

By Knights 01/02/2023, 5:45pm MST

Survey Closes 1/31/2023

We understand that this is a busy time of year and really want families to have the opportunity to provide their feedback so we are providing ample time to complete the survey.  The survey will close on January 31, 2023. 

As a member in our hockey program we would appreciate if you would take the time to complete this survey/evaluation. Your feedback, whether positive or negative, will be utilized to review our youth hockey programs this year. As you consider your answers, please remember the purpose of this is to better our overall hockey programs. You can also appreciate that the program will be making coaching decisions in the near future for the spring 2023 season and beyond.

Please note - your answers can be submitted anonymously if you desire. However, we ask that you refrain from personal attacks.

2022 Gilbert Days Parade - KNIGHTS WANTED!!

By Knights 11/12/2022, 9:30pm MST

We are excited to announce that for the FIRST time, AHU will be participating in the Gilbert Days Parade on Saturday, November 19th 2022.

We are in need of players to accompany our float and represent AHU in the parade!

Players will need to be dropped off no later than 6:30 a.m. and picked up at the conclusion of the parade. Due to the strict number of participants, availability is limited to players ONLY. We have several volunteers to assist at drop-off, along the parade route, and pick-up, etc. 

Click the link below to sign your player up for the parade! Limited Spots Available!

Click Here -->