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Coyotes Youth Hockey Hub Network

2024 AHU SELECTS Spring Camp!

By Knights, 03/26/24, 6:00PM MST


U8, U10 and U12 Openings Session 2

AHU Spring Selects Camp

2-four-week camp sessions Tuesday/Thursdays for skaters. Goalies on Wednesdays and are free on Thursdays . Players will be required to bring both a light/dark jersey and a water bottle.

We will be presenting (2) seminars on The Hierarchy of Hockey and the opportunities that players have once they move on from youth hockey to junior, college, or professional hockey. Dates and times TBA.

Tuesday Sessions U8-U18:

Every Tuesday session will begin with power skating for 25-30 minutes with our NEW Power Skating Director Mark Ciaccio and finish with 40 minutes of station-based training that emphasize technique development, proper technique, game knowledge, sportsmanship, and most of all fun!

Thursday Sessions U8-U14:

These sessions will be mainly small-area games and competition-based training that will allow the players to put their techniques into motion. Players will be divided into teams on the first Thursday of each 4-week session and compete against each other for bragging rights and some AHU swag.

Programming by Age Group Includes:

U8 2016+ Birth Years:

  • Fun, engaging, and active sessions.
  • The focus is on basic techniques.  Build the early foundation of hockey sense and awareness.
  • Station-based techniques, small area games, half ice, etc.

U10 2014-2015 Birth Years:

  • Introduction to full-ice skating, exercises, and position focused training.
  • Continued development of basic techniques and hockey sense and beginning of techniques; skating and passing, shooting and passing, puck control and shooting, etc.
  • Small area games, full ice competition, and full ice technique development. 

U12 2012-2013 Birth Years:

  • Full ice development incorporating multiple technique sets; skating/passing/shooting. Building hockey awareness into training to enhance technique sets and introduce deception.
  • Beginning to incorporate systems to help players identify their role and their responsibilities as an offensive or defensive player. Regroups, breakouts, offensive and defensive zone position training.
  • Introduction to body angling and body contact techniques.
  • Small area games, cross-ice, and full-ice competition

U14 2010-2011 Birth Years:

  • Crash course on body checking, angling, and stick positioning. When to engage in physical contact and when not to.
  • Increase offensive and defensive technique sets through high-intensity, full-ice training that include multiple exercises and training.
  • Small area games, full-ice competition, and high intensity training.


U16/U18 2008-2009/2006-2007 Birth Years:

  • High-intensity techniques and competition-based training and games.
  • Hockey character development and preparation for the next level in hockey; juniors, college, minors etc.

Space is LIMITED to 30 skaters per age group per camp.  Goalies are LIMITED to 15 for the GOALIE Camp.  Walk Ins will only be permitted if there is space available and will be offered first come first serve.

Skater Camp is $300 per skater for 8 sessions
Goalie Camp is $360 per goalie for 9 sessions + Thursdays  SOLD OUT
U16/U18 Skater Camp is $300 per skater for 9 sessions (Tuesday only)  WAITLIST!